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Ideas of Religion in Catholic Schools

             In their fifty plus years of operation, Mount Carmel School carries out a mission to educate the whole person by means of adding religion, specifically Catholicism, as a part of curriculum and everyday life. They complement the learning environment with Christian values and ethics.
             Currently, in my opinion, religion isn't as big of a factor in our lives as students as it should be in a Catholic school. Then again, it isn't much of an issue to begin with. There are classes that teach theology which educate us on our beliefs, but it can only go so far, then we stop paying attention. Then there's the question of why we have a theology class. Besides the fact that having it sets us apart from public schools and other private schools, it's in how you view the class as a class. A belief, by definition, is a faith and opinion of something that one accepts as true. What this class is doing is telling us what we should believe as Catholics, and what we believe to the non-Catholics. Technically, in some sense, that's considered brainwashing.
             In addition, the faculty and other administrators don't exactly embody and echo the Christian message. You don't see administrators roaming the halls to question our religious .
             convictions; they"re more concerned about uniform. The teachers, to, aren't very strict with prayers before and after class. Some see it as their job to teach which overshadows the fact that they must resonate the Catholic faith, as they should.
             In conclusion, as my opinion reverberates, I think that Mount Carmel should live up to its title as "the only Catholic school on island" and further enforce Catholicism. If this means that they order us to wear "WWJD" bracelets in addition to our uniform, so be it, even though it does exploit the Son of God and is another evil of capitalism. Then again, religion isn't much of an issue in the "real world", which is what this school is preparing us for.

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