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The Catholic Reformation

             Today like the past good people try to be better. Our motto at NAME OF COLLEGE if Fight the.
             I believe most people are good and decent, no matter what there religion or race is. .
             In my paper I try to give a brief account if why and how the Catholic Church reacted to the.
             founder of various Protestant sect. The Protestant revolt lead to many corrections in the Catholic.
             Church. The Council of Trent helped the Church to be more true to Jesus.
             The Protestant Revolt began as series of religions protests aimed at excesses of the Roman.
             Catholic Church. These included the sale of indulgence, buying your way into heaven, .
             corruption papacy, was and its involvement's in politics. .
             The Protestant Revolution sprang from a multiplicity of causes, most of them closely.
             related to the political and economic conditions of the age. Without the basic political changes in.
             Northern Europe and the growth of new economic interests, Roman Catholicism would probably.
             have undergone no more than gradual change. (Burns, Learner, and Michael, Western.
             Civilizations: Their History and Their Culture, New York; W.W. Norton, 1980. P. 348).
             At its very beginning, however, Protestantism was a revolt against specific practices and.
             beliefs in the Roman Catholic Church.
             The single most important leader of the Protestant Reformation, Martin Luther, was a.
             religious fundamentalist who wanted a return to the basic Christianity of St. Augustine and St.
             Paul. He was a scholar who became a monk in the Augustinian order, and he became a deeply.
             religious individual who emphasized the personal nature of his belief, the central doctrine of which.
             was that the miracle of Christ must be accepted " on faith; and by faith alone, Luther concluded,.
             can human beings be justified in the sight of God." No amount of good works or obedience to the.
             leadership of the Church could accomplish this. Luther's personal revolt began in protest against.
             the attempted sale of papal indulgences, in his province of Saxony.

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