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The Effects of the Reformation

            The reformation and counter/catholic reformation marked a signficant and changing time in the history of Christianity.There were a number of religious and key theological causes that had damning results, such as the emergence of various sub-groups, and mistrust and confusion between the new Christian groups.The results of the Reformation and Counter/Catholic Reformation still exist in today's innovative society.
             Problems which led to the reformation include such things as;the Avignon Papacy, the influence of the monarchy on the church, and the evident corruption in the church and it's higher classed members such as the Pope, it's Bishops and clergymen.
             The Avignon Papacy was something that marked society's loss of respect in the Pope and the members of the church.There was a general decrease through Western Europe and some countries would not send the Church dues to the Pope.At this time the Papacy needed even more money than before because the cost of restoring order was expensive.The effects of the Black Death were magnified and prolonged due to a general failure of European leadership to lessen the impact of these misfortunes.The kings, nobles, wealthy and the church had excercised an increasing control over the population and they were unable to provide any stability at the time of the Plague.The first group to lose it's power was the church.Avignon cut the finance of parish priests, taxed Bishops heavily and and cut numerous costs where possible.The Papal court was easy to bribe,and with that they charged in excessive amounts.The Papal court preached that it was heretical to for its members to live in apostolic poverty as Jesus did, to justify these actions. .
             Bishops and Abbots bore themselves as secular rulers than as servants of the church,they were chiefly concerned with income and how to increase it.Luxury prevailed widely among higher clergy;whle the lower clergy were oppressed.

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