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A Buddhist Christian? I think not

            Buddhism and Christianity are two of the major religions, whose ideas have consumed much of the population of the world. Despite the fact that both of these studies are major influences among the world, it is merely impossible to mix these two ideas. For example, to say there is a Christian Buddhist or vice versa is not plausible. There are a lot of similarities in the lives of the Buddah and Jesus Christ, but there is nothing close about these two religions when it comes to their doctrines. Thus, a person of either one of these backgrounds could only say that they are a Christian or a Buddhist but not both.
             Jesus Christ and Buddah in fact did serve quite similar lives while on Earth. Supposedly both of them took part in a fasting period to try to reach a better understanding of life. Around the age of 30, they both started their public ministry and teachings of what they believe in. The Buddah was confronted by Mora, the God of death, who tries to sway him away from spiritual enlightenment, just like Satan does to Jesus. Both had formed groups of followers and ordered them to renounce all their material and worldly possessions. Both went around preaching their word, because they felt like it was what the world needed to know in order to be the best people possible. Also, Jesus and the Buddah are associated with supernatural happenings or in other words, miracles. Despite all these similarities, the doctrines differ so much that this information becomes invalid when thinking there is a connection between the two. .
             A major difference between Christianity and Buddhism is their outlook on suffering. Buddhism believes that suffering is caused by attachments and desires. Suffering is just part of everyday life, and the goal of a Buddhist is to realize that these desires are the causes of their unhappiness. So Buddhists basically strive to steer away from these desires to become better people and try to advance to higher stages in life.

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