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Judaism vs Chrisianity, Buddhism, and Islam

             Judaism is a lot similar in many ways with Chrisianity, Buddhism,.
             Most religions base some of their culture on either chrisianity or.
             Judaism so a lot of their ideas can be noticed in other religions. In this.
             paragraph I will be explaining the relationships in Sabbath ceremonies.
             among the 4 religions relating back to Judaism. Both Jewish and Buddhist.
             people's marriages are located in temples, although they are carried out.
             differently. Confirmation is common in both Chrisianity and Judaism.
             because both religions must complete it in order to fully become a member.
             of the church or complete religious training. Buddhist and Jewish funerals.
             are similar because they recite prayers and perform ritual ceremonies to.
             honor the dead or deceased. Judaism, Chrisianity, and Islam are all.
             monotheistic which means that they have a belief in only one god. .
             Buddhism believes in many gods which represent different things.
             Judaism is also a lot different from other religions to because theirs.
             a lot of rules you have to follow depending on what form of Judaism you .
             practice. Although both Jewish and Buddhist marriages are held in temples.
             they are both carried out by different people. In a Jewish marriage the.
             rabbi marries the couple and in Buddhist marriage the monk blesses the.
             couple. Jewish people go to temple during Saturdays while Christians go to.
             church during Sunday. While both of those religions go to some sort of.
             meeting Buddhist people do more individual meetings with themselves.
             When jewish babies are born they are named at the temple and thats not as.
             imporatnt to the othr 3 religions. Overall I think that Judaism relates to.
             the other 3 religions in sabbath ceremonies and it also has a lot of.

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