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Immigration: An American Problem of the Times

            The significance of immigration in American history is monumental. At ever stage of national development and every part of historical significance, immigration has left its impression on American life. Hardly any aspect of total culture has remained untouched by the presents of immigrants. It is also a very controversial subject dating back to the birth of the United States. America, as it has been since its creation, is seen in most of the world's eyes as a haven for the oppressed and a land of opportunity for individuals seeking a peaceful life. These thoughts have lead millions upon millions of foreign-born people to America's lands. From the beginning, immigrants had helped in a large way to develop this continent and shape it into the world power it is today. The history of the creation and development of the country would have been written much different if it was not for the immigrant. America's past history and future lay deeply in the institution of immigration. There has always been much debate over, not the institution itself, but the policies and regulations concerning and controlling it. In the past fifty years, America has seen an influx of immigrants that she has not experienced since the still young country was in dire need of bulking up its population. These current waves of immigrants numbering in the millions enter the country every year, and are getting more numerous annually. In modern American society, these numbers are a dangerous hindrance, not a help as it was more then a century ago. The impending breech is threatening the infrastructure, education, welfare, domestic tranquility, social program and national identity thresholds of the United States. This is directly due to the increase in population by the rising numbers of immigrants each year. Unfortunately, to write about problems of immigration is to risk seeming to attack immigrants themselves.

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