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            Our culture and society may have been founded on immigration in the United States, but today our country cannot handle the thousands of people daily coming into the United States illegally. The need for jobs and housing is decreasing along with our economy. We cannot even supply our own citizens with jobs and shelter without worrying about the illegal citizens coming to the U.S. looking for the same thing. Although there are people that want to come to the United States and make a difference and they do, that is not enough for us to generalize all of the immigrants into that same group. Most of the times they are just looking for a way out of their own country and for a better life. Illegal immigration is a definite problem in America and needs to be controlled and stopped.
             Many factories hire illegal aliens over U.S. citizens because they know that they will work at a cheaper rate. They put out an estimated 700,000 workers a year because they will work for less then minimum wage. It then lowers the job market and wages for other workers and puts families out of jobs and homes. It then puts welfare, food stamps, and Medicaid into demand. Since we are paying for them and hey are not putting anything back into our economy, it brings our economy down.
             Immigration is also starting to affect our schooling systems. They come to school not knowing English, therefore they need special classes. They should require that the children be able to speak English before they enter the schooling systems. Placing them in special classes and programs is costing more than regular schooling. The money spent on these programs is less money spent on the children that are native born.
             Another problem is over population in the big cities. The immigrants automatically go to the big cities because they think that they have a better chance there. If a city is overcrowded then there is a limitation on the number of jobs available.

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