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Limitation on Immigration

            The United States was founded by immigrates and is commonly referred to as a melting pot. Seen by the world as a land of freedom and opportunity, the United States is the most popular place to immigrate. America is now beginning to become crowded and it is seriously time to rethink the immigration process and limit the number of immigrants. Immigrates are not all bad. At times they can be very good, but when they infiltrate the economy by taking jobs, kill Americans in terrorist acts, and begin to take political control it is time for us to do something.
             Terrorist's cells have been springing up all over the United States and most are filled with immigrates. The attacks on September 11, 2001, were carried out by cold hearted terrorists from another country. The suicide bombings that happen daily in the Middle East do not need to happen here. America can keep the problem out by keeping the people out.
             People have to have jobs. America has jobs, and Americans should be able to fill those jobs. There is a much different scenario in many places; however, immigrants often get good paying jobs that should have gone to Americans. In some cases non-citizens are exempt from certain taxes, and this is completely outrageous. Foreigners should have to pay more taxes than others, definitely not less. Sometimes immigrants will take jobs that no one else wants and that is ok, but it's not ok when high paying jobs go to Pakistanis that barely speak English and might be crazy.
             Terror isn't the only way to gain control some less violent immigrants have figured out. They are using the United State government to take over. Recently it has become hard to find anything in America that isn't in two or ten languages. Many immigrants are beginning to legally have control by holding political office. When these people get power the first thing they do is attempt to dismantle any part of American culture they find.

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