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            Since the dawn of time philosophers have argued about justice and what is the true meaning of it. Even today, many intractable conflicts are fought over the concept of "justice," but defining exactly what that concept means is very difficult. The word justice comes from the Latin word meaning lawful and the dictionary defines it as "The principle of moral rightness; equity," but I think there is a lot more to it. We seek "justice, equity, and compassion in human relations," and maintain "the goal of world community with peace, justice and liberty for all." This second statement closely echoes the closing words of the controversial Pledge of Allegiance recited by American schoolchildren for more than a generation. Whether or not this goal is really possible, it seems most of us desire justice for ourselves and for others. It's not only in today's world that citizens are seeking justice. It's always been that way; it is this way today, and it will probably always remain the same. People don't want to be misled or lied to, we all respect honesty and morality. But just what is this concept of justice that we esteem so highly? If we look at the innumerable injustices saturating human history and consider the global inequity that exists in our own time, we can, at best, conclude justice has existed rarely only a few times. Yet, if it has only existed a few times, we must wonder if it has ever existed at all, since, by definition, justice seems to have something to do with treating everyone equally. .
             Most of us like to think we are pursuing our own interests and fulfilling the calling that makes us each unique. Yet, from the time we are young children our process of standardization begins and we grow into humans who are spending the best part of our short lives unwittingly working to keep tyrants in power and the bank vaults of an elite few overflowing with wealth. And this is not only an idea or a personal opinion.

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