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Socialization of children during the industrial revolution

             In our society, it is key for all children to learn and become comfortable in distinguishing the cultural norms of their own group. The socialization of children before the age that they begin to attend school is very important for them to become well-adjusted to the quirks and complexities that all other people possess. A child that is comfortable with their environment is an early sign of positive growth emotionally for a child, and in turn it is a solid foundation for them to become contributing members of our society when they are adults. There are many problems with the socialization of children under the age of six when factors such as family life, the media and their peers come into play. Such children are at a very tender age in their life, and they are most vulnerable because they are very easily impressionable. The distinguishing between right and wrong is solely dependent on the care that parents and caregivers give, and also what they teach them as well. Children are exposed to a great amount of negative ideals and beliefs. Parents are the only people in a young child's life that can help reduce these ideals from becoming, in the mind of a child, as cultural norms. .
             Negative influences at home are very influential especially within abusive and neglectful households. Parents that realize the importance of a young child's mind and emotions are parents that do not abuse or neglect the child in any way. A parent gives a child all of the love and support that they could possibly give, because at such a young age, children are not only developing their mind but also their emotions, and to be human is to be emotionally complete. So the first step in succeeding with the socialization of children is for parents to give all the love, care and support that they could possibly give to mold the emotions of a child and to create a child's sense of trust and comfort. .
             Parents also have the duty to monitor how much their children are exposed to television.

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