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Wildlife management

             Wildlife management is the art and science of manipulating populations and habitats for the animals and for human benefit. In historical definitions, managing for wildlife was not worrying about the effects of organisms or the political stand point of a community they just went out and did what they wanted. Today's wildlife management we have a greater understanding, if we manage for one species it could effect another species and if the community doesn't approve of what managers are doing it could effect the progress of the program. But if the community approves basically for hunters it is easier to get funds for the project and everyone is happy.
             2. Managing for one species is sometimes a good goal but it might not be ideal for other species. For example if I was managing for foxes it may not suit others species such as deer or turkey. By changing their surroundings there might be a decline in the other species. Now if you where managing for an ecosystem it benefits all organism. If you where to manage a lake which can be an ecosystem itself you are benefiting the fish, plants, etc. There are also 3 other approaches to consider. The first one is Preservation which is a hand off approach. We have CRP fields at my home town which are left alone and letting the acreage come up naturally but in some ways this not the best way because the environment has changed from over the years and an organism that was there may not be there now. Next is Conservation an effort to maintain and use natural resources wisely. An example of this is to keep our environment clean like cleaning up the waste that is harmful for our environment so the next generation can enjoy the outdoors. Finally we have Management which is the manipulation of populations or habitats to achieve desired goals. This is what we try to achieve in wildlife management today such as farms that manage for trophy white tails.

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