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Diversity in society

            According to several lexicographers, diversity is: the fact or quality of being diverse; difference (Webster's; American Heritage). Loosely translated, diversity means differences. Since the word diversity yields many categorical variances, only three will be consulted; the difference of origin, difference of education, and difference of interest.
             Difference of origin encompasses heritage, religion, and ancestry. For instance, people of Asian ancestry differ significantly from those of European ancestry. Asia has a rich history of a union with nature and reliance on consistency in life and family; Europeans sought for industrialization and growth of society and class. In religion Asians had many different worships, however, all emphasize honor, respect, and discipline; in contrast, the Europeans venerated the holy trinity, the divine power from which life began and is governed, also a central powerhouse for the church was established to dominate and eradicate contrasting beliefs. And finally, ancestry of the two varies from region to region. From the orient, many of the populace enjoyed the simple agricultural life with a emphasis on family and education; until the late 1700's most people from the orient never traveled far from their place of birth and remained in the same community. Europeans juxtapose those views in their entirety, they industrialized and moved to large cities seeking to further life, often an entire family would work to provide an income, and moving and migrating was common because of continually seeking work. Diversity of origin ultimately creates diversity within cultures which in hand enriches society.
             Continuing, diversity gauged in the difference of education involves belief, morals, values, and practices. Consider a child raised in a southern middle class household; he will most likely have a commanding work ethic, strong ties with his immediate and extended family, will hold value to simple aspects of life such as weather, animals, and emotion, also this child will learn to accept and conform to the beliefs of his kin.

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