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Impacts Of Diversity

            Throughout history there have been many positive and negative impacts of diversity on society. People like Giuseppe Mazzini and Indira Gandhi have negative views on diversity; while others such as Napoleon and Afonso Celso have positive viewpoints. .
             Some examples of negative viewpoints of diversity are those of Giuseppe Mazzini and of Indira Ghandi. Mazzini felt that everyone from the same area with a common language should be united and "free from any alien mixture." His felt so strongly about nationalism that he saw diversity among people as something bad. Mazzini also said "It is necessary that ideas be shown to other lands in their beauty and purity, free from any alien mixture." That just shows how much he looked down upon others that were diverse. Ghandi felt that the people of India were too different and therefore it was too hard to unite. Diversity can sometimes create a barrier between people with hate, which can prevent them from uniting. When people are too dissimilar to unite it is a negative effect on diversity.
             While there are many negative impacts of diversity there are also some positive impacts. A positive view was that of Napoleon and all of his conquered lands. While when he conquered he enforced some laws; he gave the people religious freedom. By letting each country worship how they pleased it was positive because it created a vast area of diverse people. If Napoleon had enforced a one religion there would not have been such a diverse group of nations throughout Europe. Another positive view of diversity is that of Afonso Celso, (a Brazilian nationalist), he said that all Brazilians are made of American Indian, African, and Portuguese; not just one of the groups. Basically, he was saying that Brazilians are diverse and you should be proud to be a Brazilian if you are any of these races.
             I think that today diversity has a negative influence most of the time. It is negative because of hate groups like the KKK and others that see diversity as a terrible thing and actually hate others for their ethnicity.

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