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American Idol

             American Idol is one of the various reality television shows today. Over 18 million people watch the show twice weekly. American Idol pertains to business as well as entertainment. To be a contestant on American Idol you have to be a U.S. Citizen between the age of 16 and 24. If you are under the age of 18 you have to be accompanied by an adult. The show starts off with many people who are competing to be finalists, but only twelve will make it. At the end of the season only one of the twelve will get to be the American Idol and get a career in the entertainment industry. Each show has theme and all twelve finalists has to perform according to the theme. On Tuesday they perform and on Wednesday the result of Tuesday's performance comes on unless there are different allegations found about a contestant and they are disqualified. American Idol contestants face different challenges such as being eliminated from the contest, psychological changes, and career opportunities after appearing on the show, but also is a great opportunity for the contestants to pursue careers in the entertainment industry.
             Many contestants are eliminated by the voters or disqualified by the producers. At the end of each show the three contestants with the lowest number of viewers votes are brought back out. Out of those three contestant the one with the lowest number of votesis eliminated by the viewers. Contestants Julia DeMato, Charles Grigsby, and Vanessa Olivarez were eliminated by the viewers within the past three weeks. Those that are disqualified are disqualified for not meeting the age requirements, falsifying documentation, and criminal background. Contestant Delano Cagnolatti was disqualified because he falsified his age. According to Bloomberg, Cagnolatti claimed early that he was 23 when in fact he 29 (60). The producers found out Cagnolatti's real age when he asked to sing a song of his own creation.

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