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The influences of Society on an individual

            The Influences of Society on an Individual.
             The morning of September 11, 2001 was a morning just like any other. I woke up, took my siblings to school, got to school early, and was planning on finishing up some homework and having breakfast with my friend before class. But life never goes as planned; we learn that early on. And what happen on 9-11 changed the course my life was taking. It brought about a new understanding and new life for me. But not only for me; it brought a change in the lives of others as well. I guess that is when people change; when the environment around them changes. And for us, that was very much true. We went from feeling safe as a nation to feeling stripped, naked, and unarmed. I liked who I was before 9-11, but I knew that in order to survive, I would have to change some of myself; otherwise I would never survive this harsh society we live in.
             That's what sociology is all about: societies and how humans have to adapt to their surroundings. Sociology also talks about how environments can influence people's ideas and actions. And what happened to the American society after 9-11 is a perfect example of this. People who were once in opposition of war were now rallying to "get the people who did this to us." Rational thinkers became irrational and lashed out at people who fit the profile of the attackers. People like my sister who was always pleasant when people asked rude question became intolerable with the abundance of ignorance. Everyone became "fed up" with everyone else. It seemed like no one could tolerate the diversity of this country, and that everyone at this time of crisis should either conform to the majority and be accepted, or if refused to do so, be seen as a traitor and an outcast.
             There were many pressures placed on the Muslims and Arabs in this country. They were asked to comply with many searches, background checks and investigations. They were asked to accept the intolerance of people who, for example, wanted them removed from an airplane for fear of being hijacked.

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