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How Similies Affect A Poem

             How Similes Affect the Meaning of A Poem.
             As one goes to read a poem, does one actually listen to or think about the words they have just read? Poems could be the world to someone and to another they could happily live without. One can learn to write poems if they truly cared and tried. They tend to be afraid of giving up their feelings. One might say that poems could be a cure for stress or any emotional or physical problems one goes through. The author of "I am offering this poem", Jimmy Santiago Baca, does an excellent job showing his understanding of love through similes. Some authors use different literary devices to put their feelings or others feelings in poems.
             He shows his first expression of his understanding of love through the simile, " keep it like a warm coat/ when winter comes to cover you-(3 and 4). He is saying that his poem has all this love to give and because it is so warm to keep it like a warm coat in the winter. His second comparison of love to a poem is, " or like a warm pair of thick socks/ the cold cannot bite through-(5 and 6). Here he is saying basically the same thing but expresses it another way. His love is so warm and the poem he is offering is .
             full of warm love for the one he cares for. His third expression of his love through the poem is when he says, " tucked away like a cabin or Hogan/ in dense trees.""18 and 19). I believe here he is trying to say that one should keep his love tucked away for no one else but him or her selves to have. Authors tend to use their own experiences in their poems because it tends to make them mean more. When one goes to read a poem they might discover that what the poem means effects them.
             When authors write their poems, they tend to use several of literary devices. Maybe only one of them is what could change the reader's total view of the poem or poems they read. I believe that the author of this poem has a very affectionate love for someone in his life, or he has seen this love between two others.

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