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             Change comes in many forms and has a range of effects on those who experience it.
             Changing perspective is defined as the change of how an individual sees something or.
             someone. A close study of a variety of texts, allow for a greater understanding of.
             change and its effects.
             In Peter Skrzynecki's Felix Skrzynecki the poet examines the changing perspectives.
             between a father and son. At first he son could not understand the physical nature of.
             his father, the hardships that he has endured, or the Polish Culture that he hangs onto.
             As time passes and the child grows and matures, his perspective of his father changes.
             The quotes "I never once heard him complain about work, weather of pain" and.
             "Happy as I have never been" shows that the child's alienated perceptions of his father.
             have changed into a sense of admiration and realisation in a sense that his father has.
             been through so much pain yet he is still happier than his son. Another changing.
             perspective is that of the father when looking at his son. He feels that his son is slowly.
             detaching from him. As the father hangs onto his Polish culture, his son is slowly.
             conforming to the new Australian way of life.
             The poet uses the adjective "Gentle" in line 1 to show his affection towards his father.
             Irony is also used when he tells the responder that his father is happier than he was.
             even though he has been through so much more pain. The personal pronoun "my".
             also shows the son's intimacy towards the father. The "Hadrian Wall" metaphor.
             further asserts the fact that the generation gap is growing. The poem Felix Skrzynecki.
             presents change as an inevitable part of life. It shows how migrating into a different.
             society and way of life can affect the individual and heir family.
             Similarily, 10 Mary Street is another poem written by Peter Skrzynecki that deals with.
             changing perspectives. It addresses the different perspectives of a home as seen from.
             the parents and the child.

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