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Gun violence in America

            In the essay " Gun Violence -, Richard F. Corlin expresses his thoughts on gun violence in our country. Corlin effectively speaks about the terrible crimes committed day after day, and conveys his disgust for how frequently he sees them overlooked. Explaining the reasoning behind this violence, the fact that society is afraid to come to terms with such an immense problem, he believes that to alleviate some of the unnecessary violence exhibited everyday, these incidences must be publicized. Mr. Corlin stresses that all situations involving gun violence must be documented so as to show society how much gun violence really plays a part in the world today. By putting his plan into action now, and throwing the bare truth into the eyes of nave' citizens, it will present people with enough evidence to prevent a worse future of gun violence. Corlin also talks about how these guns are improved, and remodeled every day. Updating these guns catches the eyes of violent people because of their unique look, their extreme power, and their small size. He believes that by coming up with the latest technology for guns merely promotes the increased sale of these deadly weapons because that they look good, make people feel stronger, and they are much easier to conceal. Corlin's essay is appropriate, believable, and consistent, for he addresses the concerns of his audience well, and chooses an issue with which many people can or should relate to, gun violence in America. _ Richard Corlin makes an appropriate point when he uses his comparison of regulating drugs but not guns. Corlin states, "Now, we don't regulate guns in America. We do regulate other dangerous products like cars and prescription drugs and tobacco and alcohol- but not guns-(465). Here in Richard's appropriate statement, pointing out once again that America is almost afraid to deal with this problem, for they do not even place strict enough regulations on a weapon intended for the destruction of someone or something.

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