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Gun Violence

            Although gun control has a long history, it did not become an issue of significant national controversy until recent times. Today, gun control often inspires heated discussions and obstinate refusals to listen to opposing views. The issue tends to be a very personal one, often inspired by experience. Although I have had no experience with guns, I believe we would benefit from stricter gun laws or even banning them completely. However, many people who grew up in a hunting culture, for example, or who have spent time in the military, resolutely hang onto the right of individuals to own guns. Likewise, many people who have had an unpleasant experience involving gun crime or violence are adamant that guns must be controlled much more strongly than they are today, or even banned altogether.
             As well, high-profile crimes such as school shootings and the tragically large numbers of gun deaths among minority youth have raised many people's awareness about guns and sparked renewed debate about gun control. Strident speeches and press releases from organizations on both sides of the issue have also contributed to the controversy. Private groups as well as government bodies hold many lively debates on what forms of gun control, if any, should be enacted, and both individuals and organizations exert strong pressure on lawmakers to enact or oppose gun-control laws. As well, there are still people to this day who believe guns are not threatening.
             Gun advocates are fond of the saying "Guns don't kill; people do." Yet tragic incident after tragic incident proves just the opposite. Consider these statistics from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the National Center for Health Statistics:.
             • In 1995 the United States had 35,957 gun-related deaths, including suicides and homicides.
             • In 1996, 10,744 people in the United States were murdered with guns, more than 7,000 of those with handguns.

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