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Paper Clip Report

             In my report I will determine the design, visual, strength and safety of several different paper clips. These seven paper clips vary in characteristics. I have done tests and ranked the different paper clips with negative and positive aspects of each. By reading my tests and examining my methodology you should be able to make your own conclusion on which paper clips are best for your need.
             In my CE 111 Engineering class I was given seven unique paper clips with the objective of examination. The different paper clips are as follows:.
             The basis of this report .
             I have done was completed using the data .
             I've attained from the diagram on your right.
             My observations have been made from completing rigorous tests.
             TEST PROTOCOL: .
             I started my testing my not only determining the functions of each but by also checking the safety, ease of handling, design, strength and cost. I've included tables with this report so that you can induce your own conclusions. .
             1.) Strength (# of paper in can hold).
             To perform the test I put paper into the paper clips one by one to see how many each could hold. I also included the easy of placing the paper into the paper clips.
             2.) Safety.
             My safety test included the size and shape of each paper clip. I was able to examine how sharp each paper clip was and from this provide a rating.
             3.) Ease of Handling .
             This test actually analyses how many paper clips you can handle at once and the number of paper clips you can easily contain in a desk holder. .
             Test #1 Strength.
             Clip Name # Of Paper Held Ease Of Use.
             Acco Hot Clip 35 7.
             Acco #1 Premium 21 3.
             Acco Premium Jumbo 38 6.
             Office Max Plastic Clip 8 5.
             Ideal Clamp 95 1.
             OIC Gold Clip 12 2.
             Clipiola 10 4.
             Higher numbers indicate better ease.
             Test #2 Safety.
             Clip Name Sharp Edges Puncture Rating.
             Acco Hot Clip No Medium.
             Acco #1 Premium Yes Low.
             Acco Premium Jumbo Yes Low.
             Office Max Plastic Clip No Low.
             Ideal Clamp Yes Medium.
             OIC Gold Clip Yes Low.

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