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Social Welfare

             Social welfare is something that is a big topic in the states. There are very many positives about it, but at the same time it doesn't help the debt that the nations in at all. There have been many arguments of why to make the welfare businesses stronger and many arguments to cut the welfare money. There are many different types of welfare, which helps different people in the world and their needs. There is some that will help people off the streets, some help disabled children, there is Medicare, and many more. There will be many supporting facts, which will be read that tell why the author of this paper is for welfare! .
             Welfare has saved many families from starving and has kept many families off the streets. There are many jobs out there that can be taken by these people on welfare, but at the same time, "That doesn't mean that these new employees could make a decent living." (The angry liberal, 2) There are just some situations when there is no possible was for a family to make money. The most popular situation is a single mother (teen) having to still go through school and take care of a child. This is almost an impossible task. There would be many starving families if it weren't for the help of welfare. .
             Some people think that if there is going to be welfare they need to focus more on the younger crowd. An article form the San Francisco Chronicle says, "In theses prosperous times, the state should be focused on programs - education, training, child care - that help move welfare recipients to the workforce. That approach will ultimately save the state far more money than a policy of squeezing the budgets of new residents." (San Francisco Chronicle, 2) The comment about the new residents is an argument about how new residents should keep the same welfare benefits for the first year equal to the previous state.
             It seems if governments are not doing so much anymore to help the welfare workers and businesses.

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