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Social Welfare

            Social welfare is something that an concern all people at one time or another. Social welfare in America is different from many other parts of the world. Many Americans have a narrow view on who should and should not receive government assistance. Americans also believe that states should take a large part in welfare programs. Majoritarian and client politics can be used to further explain the issues that arise with social welfare helping to support people in this country. .
             Majoritarian welfare programs were almost everyone pays are generally Social Security and Medicare. Regarding Medicare, the federal government defers a portion of the cost of retired people and disabled people's hospital care. The federal government taxed the people in order to provide Medicare funds. Each generation would essentially pay for the previous generation's retirement funds, so everyone would end up being paid back eventually. As time progressed, the money being given began to exceed the money taken in by the government, so more taxes were taken gradually. The cost of healthcare rose as well, making a need for even more money. In an attempt to develop long-term policies the Cabinet Committee and Economic Security were created by Roosevelt. There was also an insurance program, which is now called Social Security used to help unemployed and elderly. Workers wages would have portions set aside for later times in their lives when they were not working for whatever reason, therefore they ended up benefiting themselves and contributing to their own futures. Because of the initial rise in healthcare costs, Social Security taxes needed to be raised as well. At this point, both of these programs became a problem. Those paying for the programs would soon realize that they were paying much more than they will be receiving, and they did not like the idea of this. .
             As a form of client politics, the AFDC was created soon after the Depression.

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