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James Hargreaves

             Jenny is not a person though it is a machine. It was invented by James Hargreaves. This is just one of the many inventions started bye the Industrial Revolution. James Hargreaves, what he did, his motives, and how he changed things. .
             James was born in 1720 in the small village of Stanhill to a poor English family. (Cotton Times) He received little formal education throughout his life and was unable to read and write. He grew up know in agriculture and within his region, it was common to know weaving. (Webspawner) On September 10 1740, James was wed to Elizabeth Grimshaw. They raised a large family together in their hometown, Stanhill. (Cotton Times).
             In 1764, James had already invented the beginning models for his series of "Spinning Jennies." The Spinning Jenny was named in honor of his wife Elizabeth. Although there is another common tale about how the machine got its name. It said that one night while James was weaving one of his young daughters knocked over a loom, which gave him the idea for the new machine. (Cotton Times) They produced a coarse thread, which also lacked strength. This created a problem for using hem in warp threads, which was a series of yarns that extended lengthways in a loom. (Mary Beils) At first his family and close friends used and owned the first Jennies. Soon afterwards, when the demand of yarn went up James and his new invention began to gain some fame. Robert peel was the first of many to invest in the Spinning Jenny by putting it in one of his factories. This began an important chain of major events. (Joan Evans).
             It was inexpensive, simple and hand operated. One person used the Jenny, with them sitting at the front. "The Jenny had between six and twenty-four spindles mounted on a sliding carriage. The spinner, usually a woman, moved the carriage back and forth with one hand and turned a wheel to supply power with the other." (Steven Kreis) The carriage was moved away from the spindles until the proper length of rope was drawn out.

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