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Ensuring the Right to Vote in the United States

             democracies- 1 a : government by the people; especially : rule of the majority b : a government in which the supreme power is vested in the people and exercised by them directly or indirectly through a system of representation usually involving periodically held free elections.
             Democracy is a right that many people take for granted. It is the right of the people to choose their rulers. Without democracy, there would be no freedom. People would have no rights and the government would take what it wanted when it wanted. Democracy exists in the world today because a long time ago, an entire country fought for what it knew was right. The revolutionaries who defeated Great Britain for independence of the thirteen colonies wanted to escape the tyrannical rule of a monarchy. They succeeded. Today, the United States of America stand as the prime example of democracy at its finest. The USA protects the rights of its citizens, who allow themselves to be governed. The country also intervenes worldwide whenever necessary to make the globe safe for democracy. This protects countless rights. The most important among the rights citizens have is the right to vote. Voting is the basis of a representative democracy. By voting, the people have a voice in government. The people decide who will represent them in the government. Officials can be voted in or out of office. Since democracy means rule by the people of the people, it is the people who elect their rulers. Thus, without voting, there could be no democracy. There should be a federal amendment to ensure the right to vote because the states have a long history of suppressing the right to vote rather than encouraging it, let alone protecting that right.
             Each state has the power to decide which citizens in the state can vote. However, some voting rights are guaranteed by the Constitution. This means that states cannot deny the right to vote to anyone: .

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