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Children in the electronic Millenium

            The information age is arriving at lightning speed. Children and young people are among the most active citizens of the new era, and are often first in their family to use the new media. Graphic images of bestiality, incest and sodomy coast along the information highway and it is called cyberporn. The term "cyberporn" refers to pornography on the World Wide Web. Pornography is defined by Webster's dictionary as "The presentation of sexually explicit behavior, as in a photograph, intended to arouse sexual excitement." Pornographic material does not belong in the reach of children and should be restricted from them. Parental guidance is strongly needed to use this new medium as a rich opportunity for learning and to prevent innocent children from coming into contact with pornography while keeping the government out of Internet regulation.
             Cyberporn represents a danger to the minds of young children because of the scarring effects of the graphic material and the deviant's in cyberspace who try to hurt little kids. Pornographic images on the Internet contain elements that destroy not only a child's innocence, but also their view of the world. The world would no longer be a land of fairy tales to the child, but a harsh world full of sleazy and deviate people. A world in which a child molester has the ability to molest unimpeded. .
             In New York City, a ten-year-old elementary school student received an E-mail message from a complete stranger with instructions detailing how to download a mysterious file. The images in this mystery file contained "10 thumbnail-size pictures showing couple engaged in various acts of sodomy, heterosexual intercourse and lesbian sex"1. The child's mother commented, "Children should not be subjected to these images"1. The pornographic material which make up cyberporn emotionally devastates the minds of young children.
             With a few clicks of the mouse, anyone, any child, can get graphic and often violent sexual images - the kind of things it used to be difficult to find without exceptional effort and some significant personal risk.

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