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electronic voting

             Everyone believes that the way we vote with punch cards will definitely change. After what happened in Florida in the 2000 presidential elections, something has to change. It was there where punch card ballots were so confusing that people actually did not know who they were voting for. It ended up that a large amount of people had actually voted for the wrong candidate because they could not tell which hole to punch.
             Electronic voting would make voting much easier. There would be no lining up punch cards or staring at them for long period of time just to figure out which hole you are supposed to punch to vote for your favorite candidate. Instead a touch screen would be provided that would allow people to easily read the ballots and select there favorite candidate. Things would also be done much faster. Electronic voting would take away the possibility of human error. Instead the computers could count up all of the votes and determine a winner that way. This would allow us to not only be more accurate in our counting, but also be much quicker in finding out who the winner is. A switch to electronic voting would open a large opportunities for technological companies.
             There would be no interpretation with electronic voting. Once you touch the screen and verify your vote, nobody can say that they punched the wrong hole or couldn't read the ballot. This will give confidence to the voter that they know they voted for the intended candidate.
             Electronic voting could even go on-line. This means that the voter would not even have to leave their house to vote in elections. It would also allow them to vote at any time of the day in private. An on-line system would be so convenient that it would bring up voter turnout and therefore get an even more true answer as to who the people really want to win an election. .
             There are just too many problems with punch ballots. Human error is very common when it comes to counting ballots as well as when it comes to actually voting on a ballot.

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