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The Comparison of Walter Mitty and Willy Loman

            In the play "Death to a Salesman" Willy Loman is a normal man in a family with his wife and his two boys, Biff and Happy. Willy always experiences memories of the boy's childhood and his brother Ben. Willy only seams to get delusional whenever Biff returns home for a bit. Willy's memories are like daydreams. He acts them out as well. Willy is also envious of Ben's prosperity, because he once had the chance to join Ben. In the short story "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty" Walter Mitty also experiences daydreams. The story starts out with Walter thinking he is in the navy driving the boat. Then his wife woke him from his daze. Just basically Walter daydreams to escape reality. He seams to daydream whenever he thinks or talks to his wife. In the story she seamed to hassle him a lot.
             Many ways Willy Loman and Walter Mitty are very similar. They both seam to want to leave reality whenever it seams to get hard. However Willy Loman's daydreaming is from his memories and experiences he had during his life. As a result Willy's daydreams had acutely really happened to him. Unlike Willy, Walter Mitty just daydreams. Walter would just be talking to his wife about going to see a doctor. His next daydream, Walter has become a doctor. He just daydreams to escape his wife's nagging. Another reason for Walter's daydreams is because he wanted to be them when he grew up. Every kid has dreams of being something big or rebellious. For example he dreamt he was a doctor and a convict. Willy's daydreams are memories of his past and Walter's are fantasies. .

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