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willy loman's dream

            In the play, Death of a Salesman by Arthur Miller, Willy Loman is like many people today. From all over the world, people move to America believing that if they work hard enough, they will become rich. However, no matter how hard these people work, many of them do not achieve the success they dreamed of. Though Willy is not a recent immigrant, he is also a man who desires wealth. He tries his best to succeed, but similarly to recent immigrants to the United States, he does not get far.
             "You will be rich if you work hard enough."" This statement is associated with the dream of becoming successful in America. Immigrants come to America believing this. Although they work hard, many are unable to become successful because of their limitations. An example of a barrier is being unable to speak English. Willy Loman is also a hard worker who does not achieve his dream of becoming rich. Though he is not a recent immigrant, his limitations hinder him from being successful as well. For example, the other workers do not accept Willy Loman at his workplace. Though he tries his best, he believes he is not liked, and this serves as a barrier for success. Willy Loman states:.
             I'm fat. I'm very "foolish to look at, Linda. I didn't tell you, but Christmas time I happened to be calling on F.H. Stewarts, and a salesman I know, as I was going in to see the buyer I heard him say something about "walrus. And I "I cracked him right across the face. I won't take that. I simply will not take that. But they do laugh at me. I know that (Miller, 37).
             Willy Loman had one chance in his life to become successful. If he had decided to follow his brother Ben to Alaska, he may have achieved his dream of becoming rich. His constant flashbacks of this incident depict his regrets of choosing to be a salesman over moving to Alaska. "Why didn't I go to Alaska with my brother Ben that time! Ben! That man was a genius, that man was success incarnate! What a mistake! He begged me to go- (41).

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