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Somewhere I Belong by Linkin Park analysis

            The song lyrics that I chose were from "Somewhere I Belong" by Linkin Park. These song lyrics that I chose are suitable to be studied in class for many reasons mainly because they contain many important issues that could relate to Yr 10 students.
             The song "Somewhere I Belong" raises a few issues that are relevant to Year 10 students mainly through its choice of words, the tone and underlying messages.
             "Somewhere I Belong" is about a person who feels out of place and alone. This person has nothing to say and it's his fault. The one thing he wants is to find a place where he belongs. The main issue in this poem is about depression and it is conveyed through underlying messages and the tone. The person in this song is depressed because he doesn't fit in and even starts to blame himself. This could relate to some Year 10 students who feel that they don't fit in at home or at school. It also shows that the person has a low self-esteem, another thing he might have in common with a Year 10 student. He blames himself; he thinks it's his fault that he doesn't belong. The song conveys this issue to show that depression is a major issue and needs attention.
             To make the song even more relevant to Year 10 students, there are a few techniques that are used which help do this. The first technique is the use of first person. Throughout the song, the words "I" and "my" are used. This technique was used to make it seem more real, as if this person is actually telling you what happened in their life and how they feel. This technique encourages a sense of empathy because the listener feels more attached because they can hear the person who this happened to. It is simply, much more effective than saying "he felt" or "he wanted to". Another technique, similar to the use of first person is the use of present tense. This technique creates a sense of immediacy; it's as if this is all happening now. It makes the song timeless because it wouldn't matter if you played it now or in one hundred years time.

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