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             In the article "Recovery or Snow Job?" found on, www.TomPaine.com. The article discusses problems with Secretary of the Treasury John Smith and the rest of the administration. This article does a good job of using beliefs and attitudes to persuade the audience. They do this by saying "More than 34 million Americans, including 12 million kids, live at our below the poverty line." Nobody wants a political administration in office in which 12 million children live in poverty and furthermore going on to talk about the 9 million people who are unemployed hearing this makes the public think about how well there elected officials are doing in Washington. Secondly I believe the evidence given in this article is strategically placed throughout the article. I say this because the article does a good job of addressing each good thing the economy and politicians have done with a very good rebuttal, for instance "While the GDP grew 7.2% last quarter, 146,000 jobs were lost. Profits are up, but jobs are down." Which gives takes away any argument the reader has pertaining to things Washington has done well. .
             One of the main strengths of this rhetoric is the statistics given as counter argument for what the administration is doing well, it is hard to make any argument when the rebuttal for what you were going to say is written right there. According to www.wsws.org "The US economy lost another 93,000 jobs in August half of them in factory production, the Labor Department announced Friday, as at least 11 million people remained unemployed, the highest number in nearly a decade." Another very valid point brought on by the rhetoric is Bush's tax cut according to the rhetoric Bush's tax cut promised 306,000 jobs per month, yet instead yet "since the measure was enacted has seen the destruction of another 93,000 jobs." According to www.wsws.

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