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             Moses is the most popular person in the Bible. He is one of the most important person for art and even for other religion. He takes an important role. The author, Kirsch wrote a whole book about his view of Moses.
             Moses grew up as a normal child. He is absolutely not divine. But throughout the centuries he turned to a saint. He is the world famous law giver, leader, and prophet. He had a big influence to the Jewish, Christian and Islamic religion. Especially for the Jewish he had the biggest influence. He led the people out of Egypt. He brought them the laws. He was their connection to God. He was also the model of the king like David and Solomon. He was also the precursor for the Messiah. In the Greek religion you can compare him with Hermes. Even in the Egyptian religion he is comparable to Toth. Afro-American slaves took Moses as a role model because he led the Jews out of Israel. You can see this in the songs like "Go Down Moses." Even the Nazis in World War II used Moses for a propaganda campaign.
             The most popular scene is at Mount Sinai. After his conversation which took 40 days and nights, Moses scared all his people. Because of this he wore a mask or a veil. There is no exact explanation how his face looked, so that he had to hide it. He only showed his marked face when he was talking to God. At all other times he hid himself behind the mask. According to Artapanus, Moses would have been about 15 feet tall. But the Bible never describes Moses appearance. The Bible only says that he was, "slow of speech," This is everything the Bible tells about the appearance of Moses. This is not important for the author. The author shows us Moses emotions like fear, doubt, temper and mostly he shows the difficult relationship to God. But even in portraits when he is drawn without the mask, he still appears to have a mask. We still do not know who Moses really is.

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