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             Gallimore once stated, "Imagine creates desire, you will what you imagine."" This quote reminded me of the film "Lolita- that we watched in class. One of the main characters, Humbert Humbert played by actor Jeremy Irons truly reflects this quote. Humbert starts out as a young boy deeply in love with a beautiful girl by the name of Annabelle. He is devastated when she dies from an illness called Tyfus. I think Humbert reflects the quote throughout the movie because he imagines and desires that someday he will find a woman that will fill the shoes of his lovely Annabelle. Humbert says in the film, "the poison was in the wound you see, and the wound would not heal."" This is the first suggestion that Humbert cannot get over the loss of Annabelle.
             The role of fourteen year old Dolores Haze, also known as Lolita was played by actress Dominique Swain. The movie throws in many clues to remind the viewers that Lolita is still a child. Some of these symbols include the retainer that she wears in her mouth and disgustingly takes out numerous times throughout the film. Her childish ways are also represented in the way Lolita speaks to her mother, how she displays her crush towards Humbert, her manners which are not good, and a hotel sign that says, "Children under fourteen stay for free."" The way that Lolita depicts herself in the film would be considered a norm for any young lady of her age in today's society. Most young girls go through a period when they are somewhat hyperactive, unladylike and having a crush on someone of the opposite sex may be very evident. Society does not deem this as a wrongful act. It is just something that every girl goes through when becoming a teenager and they are expected to grow out of it as they mature.
             When Humbert Humbert is introduced into the movie as an older man, he is a smart and decent guy just trying to make a living as a teacher in America.

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