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What is Literature?

            What is literature? Literature is what we students learn in school in our English class. Although the literature we learn is in English, doesn't mean that culturally different languages aren't considered to be literature. Literature can quite be anything that a person can related certain things to consider the object as literature. On a certain view, literature can also be an element of people working together in a friendly matter. Concepts of literature concerns pairs of understanding and reading; thinking and writing; communicating and persuading.
             First of all, understanding and reading are the basics of all of the other types of literature require. Frankly, understanding is the main objective when reading a source of some type. Writers often write something that gives information or an idea. Not being able to understand a writing means the writer's efforts are in waste. The ability to read and understand are the essential part of, in which, are needed to know in order to advance to higher level of literature.
             Another vital parts of literature are thinking and writing. Many people are able to write absent-mindedly. Writing absent-mindedly will cause the work to outcome to be insubstantial. To show basic ideas of the writing, thinking is the key. Not only to think to show the ideas but to articulate the thought to express it in variety of ways. With using thinking to think what to write, reading to read what have been written, and understanding to comprehend the ideas in the writing will outcome a beneficial work.
             Last of all, communication and persuasion are considered a great influences of literature. Instead of holding a thought to person itself, sharing the idea with others will advance the idea one step further. This is communication. If a person is well at communicating with other people, the ability to persuade will grow on itself. Martin Luther King have made a "I have a dream!" speech in the past.

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