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How Do Enzyme Concentration, Temperature, and

            How Do Enzyme Concentration, Temperature, and .
             pH Affect the Rate of Enzyme Reactions.
             Enzymes are the molecules necessary for all the chemical reactions that take place in life. They will either build up molecules or break them down. Enzymes are catalysts, meaning they speed up the rate of reactions by lower the temperature at which the reaction takes place while remaining unaltered. The enzyme activity level may be affected if a reaction happens at too high or low of a temperature, too acidic or basic an environment, or too high a concentration. Laboratory 7 is to show the affects that concentration, temperature, and pH have in these reactions.
             II. Materials.
             1% Sucrose (1g/99ml of distilled water) Buffers (pH 1.0, 4.4, 9.2, 13.0) Sucrase (1 packet yeast to 500ml distilled water) Ice Bath and Warm Water Bath.
             Test Tube Rack Test Tubes Pipette Beaker .
             Test Tube Clamps Benedict's Solution Thermometer Distilled Water .
             Marker Hot Plate .
             III. Procedure.
             A. The first experiment tested the effects of concentration on our enzyme. Within 5 test tubes we added 2ml of sucrose and 2ml of pH 4.4 as a buffer. To this was added our enzyme sucrase and water. In test tube 1 there was no sucrase and 3.0ml of water, used as our control, tube 2 had 0.5 ml of sucrase and 2.5ml of water, tube 3 had 1.0ml of sucrase and 2.0ml of water, tube 4 had 1.5ml of sucrase and 1.5ml of water, and finally tube 5 had 3.0ml of sucrase and 0.0ml of water. Once all combined they sat at room temperature to allow the sucrase to act upon the sucrose. After 10 minutes 3.0ml of Benedict's solution was added to each test tube and placed in boiling water for 5 minutes. The color changes caused by the Benedict's solution showed the effects of the sucrase concentration. .
             Page 2.
             B. The second experiment tested the effects of temperature on enzyme activity. For this experiment we used 4 test tubes again containing 2.0ml of sucrose and pH 4.4 buffer but each were kept in designated temperatures.

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