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effect of temperature on catal

             Extended Title: "have to draw graphs yourself".
             To find the rate of reaction of Catalase in potato with Hydrogen peroxide when changing the temperature, i.e. the amount of oxygen produced. .
             I think that when the temperature is increased the rate of reaction will increase i.e. more oxygen will be given off. I think that beyond a certain temperature the reaction will not increase any more and then decrease rapidly because the enzymes will start to be denatured. The enzymes will start to be denatured at around 40 C and will be entirely denatured at around 50 C. I also believe that up to 40°C if the temperature is increased by 10°C the rate will be doubled. Arranius's equation proves this. This is what I think my graph will look like: .
             Hydrogen peroxide will dissociate itself to form water and oxygen. But this takes a long time so catalase in the potato is used to speed up the reaction. The catalase is an enzyme, enzymes are catalysts which control the speeds of chemical reactions in cells, which lower the activation energy needed for particles to react, so that they will react more easily and are sensitive to changes in temperature.
             The increase in temperature gives more activation energy so that the particles of hydrogen peroxide and the Catalase enzymes collide with each other more often. (An increase in pH also does the same as temperature.) The activation energy is a barrier which the reactants (catalase and hydrogen peroxide) must climb before they can convert into the products. Reactant molecules which collide with energy equal to the activation energy are converted into the products. The reason why the rate will double when there is an increase in 10°C if the temperature is up to 40°C is because of the Arranius equation, which is: rate = Ae -EACT RT Special receptors on the surface of the catalase are in a special shape which enables the hydrogen peroxide molecule to fit into it and cause it to become broken, speeding up the reaction.

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