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Jekyll and hyde

             In Robert Louis Stevenson's Strange Case of Dr. Hyde, the story's contextual portrayal of Jekyll's transformation into Hyde may not have been as far-fetched as we imagine. Although there's clearly no "potion" that one can utilize to alter their physical being, there are indeed other, more realistic possibilities. In his essay, Frederic W. H. Myers gives example of Louis V., a man who suffers from multiplex personality. The split personalities of both Louis V. and Jekyll have obvious starting points and similar characteristics and although the dual nature is apparent, we find evidence that confirms the fact that no matter how different they seem, the two personalities are truly only one.
             Although they both have noticeable starting points, Louis V.'s dual personalities were not self-inflicted, unlike Jekyll's. Instead, his were first observed after he had a terrifying encounter with a viper. Following the event, the evidence was only physical, such as epilepsy and paralysis of his legs. But within the passing of a couple months, he experienced a seizure that allowed him to recall events before and leading up to the viper's appearance and recover fully from his paralysis. Jekyll, on the other hand, realized that he was living a duplicitous life and was shamed by his "irregularities" (pg. 48). He soon observes the duality of man's nature and he believes that if he could separate these qualities, "the unjust might go his way and the just could walk steadfast and securely" (pg. 49) without being tempted by evil or suffering internal struggles. Eventually, Jekyll compounds a drug with the intended effects.
             Having read the previous paragraph, there doesn't appear to be much of a connection between the men's circumstances, and rightly so. They experienced entirely different situations-Louis V. with the sighting of a viper and Jekyll with the creation of his drug. Nevertheless, we unearth common ground with both measures resulting in split personalities.

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