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Jekyll and Hyde

            These two stories may not have had something in common before I entered this class, but after analyzing the facts and reading the novel and watching the movie for about the 20th time, I quickly picked up on the similarities between these two works. They both have similar themes, characters and a somewhat complicated storyline. They are two works that have to be read and watched over and over again in order to fully understand what is going on. .
             Fight Club is a very geopolitical movie that deals with the problems in society and how its surroundings affect it. The character of Tyler Durden shows the side of everyone that wants to come out and that should come out every so often. This character directly relates to that of Mr. Hyde. These parts of the same person show up almost unwillingly in both works. They are not really alter ego because they pretty much exist in one world or another. Tyler Durden exists in the Narrator's head and Mr. Hyde is truly a part of Dr. Jekyll that "comes out at night" if you will. .
             Evil also plays in intricate role in the story of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde and the movie "Fight Club". Mr. Hyde is the true epitome of evil inside of Dr. Jekyll that is just waiting to come out. Though the character of Tyler Durden is not as evil as Mr. Hyde in the sense that he does not commit any murders or anything in that manner, he is definitely considered to be a form of evil. With the Narrator being a shy person living in a condo furnished with Ikea furniture, Tyler makes up for anything that the Narrator isn't and for what he can't be in life. Anything that Tyler does is what he wishes he could do. The same goes for Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Hyde is Jekyll's innermost feelings just laid out flat on a table. Tyler's evilness is accompanied by a benevolent agenda. He never does something without there being a direct response to what he has just done. For every action there is a reaction. .
             These two cases of double identity are very well suited for one another.

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