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Capital punishment

            Capital Punishment: The World That We Live In.
             What is the nature of Capital Punishment? When is it justified to take a life of a person? Capital Punishment is an extreme type of death in which prisons take away their life. There have been debates whether Capital Punishment is acceptable or unacceptable. It seems that human lives have been taken for granted and were not doing anything about it. Capital Punishment is clearly wrong, reprehensible, and unacceptable because life imprisonment gives criminals the chance to rehabilitate themselves, and because the 8th Amendment protects us from cruel and unusual punishment. .
             Life imprisonment is better because at least it gives the person a chance to live and think about the mistakes they made, and sometimes the judicial system is wrong upon who they send to death. In the movie, "The Hurricane" Denzel Washington got put in jail for almost 30 years to life in which he didn't commit. Mark Castanzo the chair of the department of Social Psychology at Claremont College once said, "Obviously killing a prisoner eliminates the possibility of rehabilitation." A corpse cannot go on to lead a more virtuous life. A dead person can't change his or her ways without being alive. 20 years ago a man got convicted for rape he didn't commit. Richard Stratton the editor of "Prison Life" had worked for Newsweek once said, "Don't make prisons more miserable than they already are." If you want to live a good life don't break the law and end up in prison. Thus these examples show that Capital Punishment is a Flawed system. .
             The 8th Amendment clearly states, "It prohibits any cruel and unusual punishment." If a kid steals candy from a candy store and the owner punishes him by killing or brutally hurting him, Is that morally right? Does that compensate for what he committed? John Locke once argued, "All humans have certain natural rights which are inalienable and they are, Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of property.

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