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The relationship between korean mother and their children

            After the Korean War, Korea had a very difficult time both economically and politically. While people suffered from the economical poverty, there was a lot of effort to overcome their poverty among young females. In the 1970s one of the biggest social booms was to have the American dream. The American dream was to immigrate to America and have a better life than in Korea. Since the U.S. military stayed in Korea after the Korean War, a lot of cross-cultural marriages were prevalent between American soldiers and Korean women who wanted the American dream to come true. At this time a lot of the population immigrated to America. Due to combining with those who had different cultures and languages, it was inevitable that their marriages would suffer from several problems such as food differences, clothing preference, and living patterns. The problem would become serious when a couple had children because their marriage was not based on comprehension of language and culture mutually. Therefore, the relationship between children and their mothers who married cross-culturally experienced difficulties because of their language barrier and cultural differences. .
             Today, the language barriers and cultural differences still exist. First, Korean mothers and their children suffer from their different mother tongues. It is very difficult for Korean mothers to speak English very well even if they have been living in America for a long time, whereas their children learn English as their mother tongue because they attend American schools. Linguistically it is very hard to learn new language, as their first language is naturally a habit. Therefore most Korean mothers experience difficulty when expressing of their own feelings and conveying to others anything they wish to communicate. They also have trouble with understanding English. Language is the expression of a human's habit, tradition, culture and so on.

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