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Ned Kelly

            The story of Ned Kelly is a story which Australian audiences have returned to over and over again since the first feature film in 1906 and have kept revisiting right up until now, when in 2002 movie director Gregor Jordan created the blockbuster hit "Ned Kelly" starring Australian actors Heath Ledger, Naomi Watts and Geoffrey Rush, also starring Orlando Bloom and Joel Edgerton. The movie is based upon the novel Our Sunshine written by Robert Drewe. .
             The movie has created mixed opinions since it's opening, having people question weather the movie shows a true representation of Ned Kelly and what really happened, but all opinions aside, the movie has proved an outstanding success within Australia and parts of the World. .
             Well, I guess I should start by telling you what the film is all about. The main characters in the film are: Ned Kelly, played by Heath Ledger, Joe Byrne played by Orlando Bloom, Julia Cook played by Heath's off-screen girlfriend Naomi Watts and Superintendent Hare played by Geoffrey Rush. .
             The movie is set in Victoria Australia in the 1800's; and has Heath Ledger doing background narrating, speaking Ned's thoughts and emotions, which made me automatically sympathize with him. Ned comes from an Irish background, although he himself was born in Australia. In the beginning Ned is falsely accused of stealing a horse and ends up in prison. Within the first few scenes it is easy to see that Ned is being portrayed as the Sympathetic (Good guy) character and the Victorian police are being portrayed as the opposite, the unsympathetic characters or the bad guys. You are able to recognise that Ned is a well groomed, loving and caring character by the way he talks with the horse and reminisces about what his father called him (sunshine) when he was younger. I also picked up that Ned is a man that won't back down, and will stand up to those who are against him. I was able to recognise this during the scene in the beginning when he argues with the police officer.

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