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Love of basketball

             One of my worst basketball seasons, was my intolerable, inevitable junior year at Fox High School. The team started out the season with a new coach and a lot of young talent; I thought we were going all of the way. Our new and improved coach hand picked two seniors, three juniors, three sophomores, and two freshmen, who were able to play at the varsity level. After fourteen hard and grueling practices, the season began. The first game of the season we played against our bitter rivals, The Seckman Jaguars. They were a great team and had a lot of upperclassmen. To my surprise, we ended up losing by over 20 points. Talk about an embarrassment. Our next game was a chance to redeem our self, and we did, we only lost by about fifteen to the Lancers. .
             Our team lacked a big key in basketball. If we were going to win, we were going to have to get better at defense. Its like my Father always says, "Goals win games, and Defense wins championships." We didn't have anyone on our team to look up to. I was an underclassman and I can't remember one senior telling me good job or nice shot. The Fox Warriors needed team spirit, because we didn't have any height and we weren't very quick. Usually if someone tore it up one night, the rest of the team would do nothing. Our average points were about forty five to fifty points per game. The bad thing was that we were giving up about sixty to seventy points per game. .
             Throughout the season we got better in some aspects of the game but did not come together as a team. We just kept losing. Sometimes we would lose by 20 and other times we would lose on a buzzer beater. There were many times in the season where we were up at least ten points going into the final quarter and lose. Being 0-2 turned into 0-10 then 0-10 turned into 0-20. My team, after twenty one games had a 0-21 season. Throughout the season people got mad at each other and the coaching staff.

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