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Love And Basketball

            "Love and Basketball" has everything and anything to do with communication.
             and the relationships between the main characters. This movie entails not just.
             a love story, but rather an intertwining family theme as well. This movie.
             really explains the emotions of the characters and there decisions in their.
             lives, by involving self concept, conformation and rejection. "Love and.
             Basketball" also represents conflicts that occur between the overall.
             characters which contribute to the plot development and the development of.
             each character. The main characters, Monica and Quincy, seem to have a union.
             that they can never attain to full capacity until the climax of the movie.
             because of how they communicate and need to finally understand by listening.
             Monica Wright is a well known basketball player at her local high school and.
             is waiting to be recruited by the University of South Carolina. Monica has.
             been playing basketball ever since she could remember and as her high school.
             career comes to an end she is left with a self concept that has not changed.
             over time. Her self concept is to be the best, play the best and be on the.
             best team she can. For Monica to continue her goal she must maintain her.
             confidence and play her heart out in her high school Championship.
             Unfortunately her dream of winning comes to an end in the last second of that.
             game. She attempts to push her inner feelings aside in avoidance of her loss.
             and continue her plan of the night, attending her homecoming dance. With her.
             self concept of her future still reeling in her mind as fresh as the shot she.
             missed at the last second, she asks her neighbor and friend Quincy to open a.
             letter addressed from the University. As he reads the letter, Monica continues.
             to feel unstable about secretly feeling that she might have achieved her goal.
             Monica achieved her goal of being accepted to the University of her dreams.
             only by following her self concept and by her set of perceptions her dream was.

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