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My First-Born

            The day my life actually began was November 11, 1999. This was the day that my son, Christopher, was born. As a first-time father, I had no idea what to do or expect. Its not like kids come with an instruction manual. I would have to learn how to care for, teach, and financially support this little life that was as much a part of me as it was my wife.
             I learned quickly that caring for Christopher was a lot of hard work. There were the feedings that occurred every 2-3 hours. These feedings vary in amounts just as they do in the times. Then there was the changing of the diapers, which occurred whenever I would feed him and sometimes in between. Which I must confess at first were not that bad but as he got older got worse till finally he was potty trained and could handle things without my help. The sleepless nights when he was adjusting to being out in the world and crying for hours on end. Christopher was very demanding. It took plenty of patience and love to make it day after day and the teamwork of my wife and I to keep our sanity.
             Even as a newborn, I would observe Christopher watch every little thing my wife and I did. He was like a little sponge just soaking up everything he could. It was great when he reached the age when I could smile at him and he would smile back. It gets better when he mocks everything I do, and just wants to help. Christopher was very receptive to people and his surroundings. I learned very quickly how he could figure out how to get into things he shouldn"t. But like every loving parent, I would discipline him and move on.
             Something my wife and I didn"t take any account for while she was pregnant was the financial responsibility we would have. The task of buying diapers, formula, clothes and a myriad of other things that Christopher needed. Since my wife and I worked, we had to find childcare for him. Which in itself was a task and very expensive.

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