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             Genetic engineering is the process of altering genes so that traits will have certain desired outcomes. In the movie Gattaca, humans are genetically altered so that disease is not present in the human. In the movie certain traits such as height, eye color, hair color, etc. are genetically altered to match what the parents want the child to look like.
             Genetic engineering can serve as a big advancement in wiping out diseases. Humans can be engineered so that they can work better under more extreme and stressful situations because they will have no trace of any life threatening genetic disease. Also once one generation of altered humans is devoid of any genetic diseases this will make the disease absent in future generations. So under these circumstances the disease would be destroyed. Also food can be altered to be more nutritious and healthy, and endangered animals can be altered to make an easy comeback. Problems of genetic engineering are that those altered will be favored for more positions in life over those born from natural conception. Because of their superiority over normal humans they will become a higher class of people and retain better jobs than normal people because of their almost perfect being.
             I feel that it should not be a common practice among humans. But in rare circumstances, I think that it should be performed to make life threatening disease absent in the zygote, so that the mature human can live a long and healthy life free from genetic disease. I feel that if humans are altered to a point of perfection, naturally conceived humans will be discriminated against. I feel that the movie Gattaca serves as a brief look into the future that shows the negatives of genetic engineering if man gets too carried away and decides to make perfect people. .

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