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Bluetooth, whats it all about?

             Bluetooth - What's it all about?.
             When you read the words "Bluetooth- no doubt many things come to mind. The most ironic thing is that unless you have heard of it before, whatever your thinking about is probably wrong. Bluetooth is a type of cable replacement technology new to the computer world compared to most every other kind of networking. It involves radio waves transferring information amongst different devices. Imagine not having a wire on your mouse, keyboard, or headset. Now imagine being able to send data from device to device without the need to have them tethered to one another. The possibilities of such a thing are endless and quite interesting.
             Where did this come from? Bluetooth was created in May of 1998 by a group of companies calling themselves the Bluetooth Special Interest Group, or SIG. The SIG consisted of people from Ericsson, Nokia, Intel, IBM, and Toshiba, and since the creation of this group, many, many more have come to join the SIG in the following years - more than 1,800 more. Such big companies as 3Com, Motorola, and Microsoft are amongst attendees. So why "Bluetooth-? What kind of a name is that? The Bluetooth name comes from a Danish Viking and King, Harald Blåtand. Blåtand translated means Bluetooth, and Mr. Bluetooth was actually a pretty impressive guy. He lived in the latter part of the 10th century and united and controlled Denmark and Norway. (the inspiration akin to uniting all devices under Bluetooth) The original reason for his name remains a disputed topic, two of the more popular reasons being that A)He had a dark complexion or the less likely and yet more interesting b) Old Harald had a inclination towards eating blueberries, and ate so many that he had a rather unique set of teeth. .
             Okay, so how does it work? Bluetooth is a standard for a little, inexpensive radio chip to be plugged into printers, computers, mobile phones and almost any other device that would transmit and receive data via radio waves.

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