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Pervasive Computing

             Pervasive computing is an advancement of desktop model for the interaction between human and computer, which is integration of computing in human mankind day to day life. It is integration of interaction between every object which is not even visible. Normally single user consciously interacts with a single device for a specific purpose, whereas someone using in pervasive computing makes many devices and systems interact simultaneously in routine activities and we need not be aware that they are doing in that manner which are like invisible. Pervasive computing environments involve the coordination and interaction among various computing devices which may be accessible or invisible. These devices can be connected either wired or wireless to each other. Their main aspect is to share and distribute all services throughout everyday life.
             Imagine the world with all sort of electronic devices taking to each other very easily and bring you the things which you need at that particular time regardless of where you are. We have just imagined the scenario of pervasive computing.
             Evaluation of pervasive computing has been taken place in three waves, the first wave as main frame computing era in which one computer is shared by many people. The second wave is personal computing era in which one computer is used by one person. The third wave is the pervasive computing which was earlier called as ubiquitous computing in which one person with many computers. Example scenario for pervasive computing is, the general pervasive computing environment might interconnect the lighting and environmental controls with the personal clothing, and so that based on the clothing moisture room temperature is maintained and modulated continuously. The other example is refrigerators integration may help to plan the menus based on the actual food available on hand and it warns the users about the expiry or spoiled food.

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