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When Race becomes real

            Change and Development of Earlier Perceptions.
             Enrolling into a class that has a reputation of a feminist and anti-racist filled group of students, I was skeptical in what I was to find. Immediately shielding my beliefs I was frightened to know that any of my current views were to change. All I knew was that I wasn't racist yet was being blinded to the friction of subliminal society. Coming across sensitive topics like white privilege, structural violence, and institutional racism my earlier perceptions not only began to change but more importantly develop. .
             My favorite book to read for this class was without a doubt When Race Becomes Real. The short stories easily grasped my attention with authors like Jim Schutze, Tim Wise, and David Bradley's personal experiences and their societal struggles. While learning more as every page turns I began to become dumbfounded at what I thought was a perfect world with few problems that had no or little effect on myself. Reading the writings of Barbara Chasin and John Okada developed my outlook on how women are treated unfairly everyday, with women of color being at the front of the line. I formerly looked at feminists as women who had been hurt by the "evil man" or overly offended by someone a problem in their community. But lately I look at feminists as women who just look outside the box and deeper into the public hindrance, right along side of the people who appeared to me as they just need to get over the color of skin. .
             Without ever feeling the pressures of being a minority white people tend to make less mindful and non-educated statements about minorities. Choosing to see color of skin as a thing of the past and not an issue is naive. I imagine that this racial tension is only going to decrease slowly and not expire until we can forget our differences and resentment. Perhaps this will be postponed until years pass and white people will be the minority in what some call utopia.

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