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Do The Right Thing

             We are all buddies, we have no preferences, we treat each other the.
             The only thing we don't realize is that we are equally.
             racist. We equally pretend we love each other as much as the next. Well, why.
             is it then, that we hang out with our own kind and no matter how hard you try.
             to hang with another race, hell, you go running back to your own kind faster then.
             ever when you got the chance. Is it really only color? yes except each color has.
             their own culture, and without trying to be racist, everyone likes to be amongst.
             people they can relate to in an easier way. Sad to say, true today.
             Due the right thing, an incredible movie by Spike Lee and saying *by* him is.
             quite just, he starred in, it directed it produced it and wrote it. By the end of this.
             ground breaking movie you understand a whole lot more on this everyday situation,.
             not only in Brooklyn, since you can apply this to any culture or area. Cultures in.
             conflict cannot be a good thing and can only lead to trouble, they say:*A person is.
             smart, people are stupid*. Very true in this situation. Except for the maire who was.
             trying to represent wisdom and by him being drunk and all, it shows that you.
             shouldn't judge a book by its cover, and with smiley trying to preach the words.
             of great men trying to abolish racism, it represent the voice that is there, yet a lot.
             ignore it and push it away like they did to smiley. And Pino trying to make his.
             brother stay true to who he is and from, guess what voice that represents?.
             Lets take Mookie's role as an example of this. He was friends with Saul, an Italian.
             American who owned a small pizzeria on a street corner in Brooklyn. Even though.
             Saul was Mookie's boss, they got along pretty well. Mookie was even friends with.
             one of Saul's sons, Vito. Mookie would go around and say that Vito is *down*.
             protecting him so that he wouldn't get into any trouble with other black folks. Well it.
             seemed that Mookie was in good relation with these I-talians yet when put under.

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