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Do the right thing

            The year is 1989, it is the hottest day of the summer and we are in the Brooklyn neighborhood of Bedford-Stuyvesant. We do not know if the temperature has something to do with it, but the tension is high also, a racial tension. "Do the right thing" from the director and actor Spike Lee is a movie about a group of multi-ethnic people, mostly African-American, that try to show their identity and the culture to which they belong. This is seen by other ethnical group as a provocation; for example, the Sal's pizzeria was in this place even before that it became a black neighborhood, but now everything done by Sal is seen as a threat.
             Sal's Famous Pizzeria was in this corner of the street since 25 years. The owner, Sal, is an Italian-American who learned to be in good relationship with the black community in the neighborhood. He is proud to be an Italian as we can see from the hall of fame of the Italian-American actors at the pizzeria's wall. He is from the Italian culture and demonstrates it: the family is important for him that is why his two sons work with him. Sal is not a racist but, he is tough with his black customers and we can see that they provoke him also. As Buggin"Out asked for it they wanted to see pictures of black people also because it is a black neighborhood, that is why they see the hall of fame as a threat. If people would have the same culture maybe there would be no racial discrimination and eventually no violence. Our culture influences the way we are, think, dress, act, even the name our parents give us at birth. Our culture makes our identity, it constructs the person we are. The characters in the movie, even if they do not say it directly, do not accept others because they are different. We can see that in a scene when they express their feelings toward each other by saying words that diminish the ethnic group in question. It is normal that we are proud of being what we are but we should also let and understand others that want to be proud of their own culture.

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