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What Is The Right Thing To Do?

            What is the right thing for me to do?.
             As a broad question, the circumstances usually weigh upon our decisions. If we were to ask any number of people, each would respond differently and according to their own beliefs. The beliefs that people value and are the structure which they live by are called morals. Morals are personal beliefs, and ethics are those beliefs and rules which are set by a larger group for the greater good. Ethics are in place to prevent endangerment of others" well being.
             Although one may hold personal morals above all others, society will expect someone to conduct them self in an ethical manner according to accepted standards. Conviction and self-interest do not usually suffice in determining what is right or wrong. An honorable and decent conscience by many society's standards, is thought to be one that determines natural justice (what is known to be right or wrong) for its self while incorporating the code of morality already in place. .
             The Ten Commandments, an ancient text from the Old Testament in the Judeo-Christian Bible, are moral and ethical rules which guide the devout. Interestingly, most commandments explain what one should not do, rather than what rights one has. This may be in place because the God is a" parent" in many ways. The parent-child relationship is one of give and take, punishment and consequence. Early years are shaped by punishment, which are later supposed to imprint a lesson of right and wrong. In general, the commandments do not tell us why or why not to do something, but just to do or not do something according to God's law. .
             Thou shalt not steal, Thou shalt not commit adultery, Thou shalt not kill. I think that these commandments are in place for the well being of all people. Stealing what is not yours is supposed to be wrong. Stealing causes distress and potential harm to the victim and the offender emotionally and under governing laws.

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